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AASRP Speakers for Student Groups

Dale Duerr, DVM

Town and Country Veterinary Clinic
10971 State Route 212 NE
Bolivar, OH 44162
Phone: 330-874-2511
Emphasis: Ovine practice and small animal

Charles Estill, DVM, DACT

Oregon State University
158 Magruder Hall
Coravallis, OR 97333-8555
Phone: 541-737-7667
Fax: 541-737-8651
Emphasis: Nutrition and reproduction in sheep and goats

Eric D. Gordon, DVM

Assistant Professor
OSU Large Animal Services
16410 County Home Road
Marysville, OH 43040
Phone: 937-642-2936
Emphasis: Most small ruminant topics, doing some AI in sheep

Nancy L. Hannaway, DVM

USDA APHIS Veterinary Services
12927 Stonecreek Drive
Pickerington, OH 43137
Designated Scrapie Epidemiologist
Phone: 614-856-4744
Fax: 614-866-1086
Emphasis: Scrapie and CWD - Ohio used to lead the nation in scrapie cases

Gerald F. Kennedy, DVM

P.O. Box 188
Pipestone, MN 56164
Phone: 507-825-3421
Fax: 507-825-3140
Emphasis: Sheep

Michelle Kopcha, DVM

Michigan State University
Phone: 517-339-4162
Fax: 517-432-1042
Emphasis: Small ruminants

Patrick Long, DVM

Oregon State University
33201 SE Peoria Road
Corvallis, OR 97333
Phone: 541-752-3786
Fax: 541-758-1256
Emphasis: Camelids

Margaret A. Masterson, DVM, MS, DAVPM

Associate Professor, Clinical
OSU Large Animal Services
16410 County Home Road
Marysville, OH 43040
Phone: 937-642-2936
Emphasis: Goats , Periparturient complications, Neurologic conditions, Field surgery, Abortion causes and prevention, Camelids, Ultrasound, Reproductive strategies, Neonatal issues, Dystocia management and C-section, GI diseases

Andrew Niehous, DVM, MS

Diplomate, ACVS - Large Animal
Assistant Professor, Farm Animal Surgery
Department of Veterinary Clinic Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
The Ohio State University
601 Vernon L. Tharp Street
Columbus, OH 43210-1089
Phone: 614-292-6661
Fax: 614-292-3530
Emphasis: Surgical topics - urolithiasis, mastectomy for precocius udder, teaser preparation
dental disease in camelids, abdominal surgery in camelids, obstetrical management
of ruminants

Joe Snyder, DVM

5858 SW Riveridge Lane #4
Portland, OR 97239
Phone: 541-297-6246
Emphasis: Sheep and goats