Do you provide AI, ET and Pregnancy Diagnosis in Sheep and Goats?
AASRP received a request from American Sheep Industry Assn. (ASI) for a list of veterinarians that provide specific reproductive procedures for sheep and goats. ASI members are seeking these services and are having difficulty locating veterinarians to provide them. The AASRP Board approved a motion to gather this information from our members.
If you provide artificial insemination, semen collection & processing, embryo transfer or ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis for small ruminants, please respond.
The most efficient way to provide the information is to update your information in your member profile, click here to do that now. Log in to your account, once you have logged in, go to “update profile” and towards the bottom of the page you will see a question “Do you provide sheep/goat reproductive services?” with a yes or no.
If you choose yes, please go to the next box which asks what type of services you provide. You may choose as many as is applicable. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to hit submit registration – or your information will not be saved.
We specifically need to know:
Do you provide reproductive services for sheep and goats? Y or N
If you provide the services do you provide: (you may select as many as apply)
Embryo transfer
Semen collection and evaluation
Laparoscopic AI
Transcervical AI
Ultrasonography for pregnancy diagnosis
Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on submit registration, so that your answers will be saved.
If you are unable to access your profile you can get assistance:
Phone - (334)-517-1233
AASRP will provide the names of our members who provide those services to ASI. In addition we will make the information searchable on the website and in the next membership directory.




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