General Information About AASRP-L

American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners discussion group - an electronic forum in which AASRP members may discuss techniques, materials, and issues related to veterinary medicine in small ruminants.


If you are a member of AASRP and would like to join AASRP-L, click this link and Click on the Subscribe Link then enter your name and your email address.


Subscribers can send a message to AASRP-L by simply addressing an email to AASRP-L@LISTSERV.UNL.EDU

Configuring and Searching Listserve

In order to search old listserve archives or change your list serve setting, you must first set a password for your account. The following instructions show how to do this task.

Setting or Resetting your listserve password

Click Here to goto this page.


Enter listserve email address, and what you want your listserve password to be. (this password DOES NOT have to be the same password you use to log onto the members area of the web site).


You will then be sent an email similar to below, where you have to click the link to confirm your email address.



You now have a listserve log on and password.



Search Archives

Log onto the list serve with your listserve userid and password by going to this page.


Got to this page.


Check to make sure you are logged in (look in the upper left corner and upper right corner), if not, then click the link, and log in, then return to the search page above.



If you are logged in, then searching should be successful.


View all past posts


If you want to search for all posting to the list serve, then click the "Subscribers Corner" link in the upper left corner.



Click on the name of the list serve, to see all past posts to the list.



Change Your Listserve Settings

Click the "Setting" link to view and change how list serve messages are delivered to your email account.